Top 5 points to discuss when visiting an apartment

The visit of a dwelling is the crucial step in finding the apartment of your dreams. In order not to be distracted by the decor before signing a lease, it is best to anticipate and know what questions to ask the owner. Kangalou listed the top 5 most important points to discuss with the owner at the time of the visit.

The apartment

  • Do you cover the painting fees? Can I paint in any colour?
  • Can I make decorative changes?
  • Have the locks been changed recently?
  • Who are the other tenants of the building?
  • Is the dwelling well insulated?

Services and amenities included

  • What type of heating is employed? Is heating included in the rent?
  • Are hot water and electricity included? If not, then what are the costs?
  • Is there an entry for a washer-dryer?
  • Are appliances included?

Length and terms of the lease

  • Are animals allowed? Which?
  • Is there a right of access to the backyard?
  • Does the lease have special conditions?


  • Do you pay the repair costs of the appliances, if they are included in the rental?
  • What to do in case of minor repairs?
  • Who is responsible for snow removal?


  • How is the neighbourhood, what are the nearest shops?
  • Is there an allotted parking space?
  • Can you easily park in the neighbouring streets?
  • What are the nearest means of public transportation?

By discussing these topics with the owner, you should be able to make an informed decision after visiting a dwelling.