The art of picking a mover

Article in collaboration with Yimby

This is it! You have found the apartment of your dreams and you cannot wait to take possession? Don’t worry, July 1st is upon us!

You surely have a lot to do until then! Amongst the list of tasks to be completed before the “Big” day, there should be this one: “choose my mover”.

It’s not sufficient to simply do a Google search and pick the first one on the list. No! You should choose them carefully. Here’s how in 7 tips:


Inquire to friends and family. Other than that, some searching on the Web may prove necessary, while paying extra attention to certain criteria such as the reputation and the experience of the mover.

The company’s reliability

Pick a company. There is no official directory, but we recommend that you look up the Canadian Association of Movers and/or the Association du camionnage du Québec. You can also validate the company’s reliability by confirming that it is registered with the Registraire des entreprises du Québec.

Prices according to the time of the year

Evaluate the costs because the date has a big influence on them. Between May 15th and July 15th, a company’s hourly rate is around $130/hour, peaking at prices up to $250/hour on July 1st. Most of the time, these costs include wardrobe boxes, mattress covers, blankets, floor mats and insurance. Never agree to pay the total amount of the bill before your move!

Requesting a quote

Get an estimate. It is always better to ask for a quote from two or three companies to compare prices. Take the opportunity as well to ask them about their insurance. Your belongings must be protected with no exception.

Everything is in the details

Provide all the necessary information to your mover. Once your decision is made, send him as much information as possible: precise details on the dwelling you are leaving and the one you’re moving in, the surface area and/or the number of rooms, the floor, access to an elevator and parking, etc. The most accurate your information is, the more realistic the quote will be.

The famous list

Prepare a complete inventory of the items to be moved. How many boxes do you have? What are the furniture and items to move? Are there any requiring special attention like your musical instrument, television or appliances? You must think of EVERYTHING!

Regarding the service rendered…

Pay for services rendered. Before signing the invoice, verify the condition of your furniture. Is some of it damaged? Are there any missing pieces? Any claim to the mover must be made in writing.

Psssst! If you decide to drive the moving truck yourself:

  1. Make sure you have a valid driver’s license for the chosen vehicle.
  2. Drive carefully. It’s not a car!
  3. Check with the rental company to find out who is responsible in the event of an accident or damage.

Happy moving!