Kangalou ranks 1st in the 18-34 age group

ARE YOU AN OWNER? With Kangalou, renting your property is easy!

Kangalou is the number one rental website among the target of tenants aged 18 to 34 age group and ranks 2nd for the 35 and over target.Kangalou’s performance is phenomenal. Launched barely 4 years ago, its presence is now undeniable as an essential website for displaying your rental properties. Designed by owners, for owners, Kangalou guarantees the professional et personalized marketing of your apartments.

Simplified apartments rental


Register your units ONCE and the system keeps them forever

Maximum rental visibility with multisite listings


Increase the visibility of your ads in just one click with the multisite and international package, allowing you to reach new rental clientele.

Rental at its best


Enhance the value of your apartments through a professional marketing campaign: unlimited pictures, personalized video advertised on Youtube, properties displayed by geolocation, etc.

Targeting the rental


Find quality candidates with whom you can communicate directly in the tool. Organize and centralize your data: leases, property and tenant information, etc.

Constant progress of new prospective tenants Unmatched traffic.
1 view every 2 seconds
Representation of the apartment for rent Through social media campaigns, Kangalou reaches educated rental candidates, who represent the #1 clientele of owners.
Rental Apartment growth on Kangalou Over 1 000 000 page views per month in continuous growth. Kangalou is ranked 1st among rental sites for the target of tenants aged 18 to 34 and ranks 2nd for the 35 and over target.
Young tenant looking for apartment A powerful positioning among de 18 to 34 year olds, a community of tenants who will maximise the value of your properties.
Visibility statistics High quality international visibility : Be present on more than 100 housing portals in close to 50 countries with automatic translation of your content in 20 languages.
Quality in the service of property owners Winner of a Boomerang & Mercuriades award


Rental listings for free

It’s free

In addition to being free, there are no limitations in terms of pictures or text. It is also an ideal management tool to organise your data. Once your account has been created, a multitude of actions are offered; listing of your entire rental stock, unlimited ad postings, dashboard with your tenant contacts, transaction follow-ups, information on lease and annexes, etc.

The power for searching tenants

Maximum Visibility

Discover the power of the Kangalou tool by choosing multisite packages. For a few extra dollars, these options will spread your ads throughout Quebec and around the world. Kangalou is an opportunity to find the ideal tenant by publishing your apartments here while advertising them elsewhere. This will save you time and maximize your return on investment.

The solution that guarantees the quality of the owner

Verified Owner Label

Fraud is becoming more and more common in the rental process. Establishing a trustworthy relationship with your candidates by displaying yourself as a Verified Owner. This distinction is available for Proprio Enquete users. In addition, obtain a 25% discount when you are a member of a partnered association.