The Plateau-Mont-Royal

The Plateau-Mont-Royal is THE mythical spot in Montreal. It has a solid, good reputation. People from the four corners of the earth praise its charm. But what exactly gives it its unique quality? Eccentric shops, ultra-hip cafés, trendy restaurants, green streets, exceptional cultural events, night clubs with an array of musical variety, and even a whole assortment of neighbours, ranging from the green and eco-friendly, to the hipsters and finally the bourgeois bohemians or in short Bobos!

But the ‘most creative neighbourhood’ in Canada, where we can find ten times more artists than the national average, is far from being one homogeneous entity. In fact what we call the Plateau comprises of multiple sectors. Can you identify them?

The heart of the Plateau

The hub of the Montreal tourism activities and the home turf of our French friends, the heart of the Plateau has a place in our hearts thanks to its La Fontaine park and its Mont-Royal avenue shared by countless of friendly cafés, welcoming bars and unique shops.


If we want to sum up the neighbourhood in three words, they will be hipsters, bagels and artists. The art galleries, organic-local-ethical-fair-trade cafés and high end stores give this area its own unique flavor. It is also here that we can find the best bagels in Montreal. Saint Viateur or Fairmount? The debate is on!!


Oh Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier Park (or just Laurier for the locals)! With its soccer fields and basketball courts, swimming pool, playgrounds and relaxing spots, it is the ideal place to take advantage of the summer and the sun with friends. The Petit-Laurier is a place for grown-ups, or those who do not want to compromise on their thrilling neighbourhood life while still avoiding all the night owls looking for fun in the busier side of town.

Milton-Park (or the McGill Ghetto)

Since it is located to the east of the McGill University Campus, the Milton Park is the beloved   neighbourhood of choice for many Anglophone students (hence the name). It is also the birthplace of all the housing cooperatives in Montreal, which helps community life flourish.


This is probably the Plateau’s best kept secret (but for how long?). Filled to the brim with tourists, the vibe here is completely different. Its more industrial feel and local shops make it the neighbourhood of all possibilities. The good news is apartments are still affordable and multiple flagship projects are on their way to permanently reshape the face of the neighbourhood.

With three metro stations (Laurier, Mont-Royal and Sherbrooke), more than twenty bus lines and multiple car-sharing areas, the borough is pretty well equipped when it comes to public transport. More than half of the apartments have been built before 1946, which gives it a certain appeal with its tree lined streets and colorful buildings.

The Plateau-Mont-Royal is, without any doubt, the young professional’s most popular area. Thanks to its cultural vitality and its enticing market offers, the area has the highest percentage of residents between the ages of 25 and 34.

And for those who are interested, it is also the place with the highest percentage of single people in Montreal (50.1%)…