Discover Rosemont

Rosemont is the Maisonneuve Park, the Space for Life and the Esplanade at the Olympic Park. It is also the street agriculture, food trucks and green alleys. In short, it is a happy mix between attractions on an international scale and a super local neighbourhood life!

A vast region bordered by d’Iberville, Bélanger, Lacordaire/Dickson, Sherbrooke Streets and the Canadian Pacific Railway, Rosemont has many identities as well as a variety of micro neighbourhoods.

Old Rosemont

The undisputed idol of the Old Rosemont, Masson Street is everything that is trendy. It has completely transformed during the last years from an old shabby shopping street to one of the most dynamic arteries of the city (multiple trendy pubs and restaurants have made this place their home!).

What distinguish it from the rest are its local stores. With its landlocked, isolated streets, the area is mostly frequented by its own residents. No flashing tourists around here! Far from being a disadvantage, this unique trait gives it an incomparable community life.

The solid presence of community organisations in the borough contributes in creating a very important feeling of belonging.

Angus Technopole

Located in the previous Angus shops area, the Technopole with the same name is a neighbourhood connected to the future but never out of touch with its roots. Its brick front has been preserved in order to keep its appealing industrial look!

The factory gave way to some businesses (many restaurants and pubs are worth a try!), companies, housing opportunities (condos, townhouses and apartments) and parks, making of it a ‘village on a human scale’ where you can live, work and be entertained all at once. You can also find a public market and a lot of food trucks!  And as if it is not hot enough already, the complex is aiming to get the LEED Gold Certification.

A second development phase should be underway shortly which aims in making this place a technological and creative hotspot. An amazing opportunity for green, geeky, tech-savvy artists to participate in the construction of a neighbourhood true to their image!

New Rosemont

The New Rosemont is the grown-ups neighbourhood. You can mostly find single-family homes where the well-off settle down in order to raise their children. You can also count many retirement homes, notably close to the Montreal Heart Institute, the Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont as well as the Santa Cabrini hospital and the Olympic Complex.

On a similar level, the New Rosemont is equally characterized by a solid cultural community. Bordered by the Saint-Michel borough (better known as the Little Maghreb) and the Saint-Leonard borough, it is home to a lot of immigrants from Morocco, Haiti and Italy.


Even if Rosemont does not have any subway stations in its territory, it is however surrounded by the blue line to the north (d’Iberville and Saint-Michel subway stations) and the green line to the south (Préfontaine, Joliette, Pie-IX, Viau and Assomption).

Many bus routes allow easy access downtown.  Also a bus rapid transit (BRT) should be seeing the light of day soon on Pie-IX Boulevard. You can also find some biking paths and numerous bixi stations.

Rosemont in bloom

The Space for life is an internationally known museum complex consisting of the Biodôme, Insectarium, Botanical Garden and Planetarium. It is located on the outskirts of the Maisonneuve Park, one of the 6 biggest green spaces in Montreal.

The park offers a multitude of activities, from hiking, to cross-country skying, as well as snowshoeing and ice-skating in the winter. It is also the hotspot of the morning joggers.