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Looking for a friendly place to settle your family, to share with your significant other, or to start out as a student or an immigrant? Trois-Rivières, the most populous city in the Mauricie region and the second oldest city in Quebec, has all it takes to allow you to flourish and, what's more, the price of apartments, condos, studios (furnished or not), and real estate in general is lower than other regions of Quebec. This is therefore an excellent choice for those who looking to rent or to own, or live alone or to share a place with a roommate.

A City on the Rise and Developing Fast

Composed of five islands, the Trois-Rivières region is experiencing a period of development and rapid economic growth, which means that the price of houses and apartments is very attractive compared to other major Quebec cities like Quebec City, Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil, for example.

For example, the price of a single-family home, of similar construction, is much lower in Trois-Rivières than in Montreal – for about $ 160,000, you can get your hands on a beautiful property that would cost double, if not triple, if you were to buy it in the Metropolitan area or its surroundings.

Enviable Geographical Position

Surrounded by three channels formed at the mouth of the Saint-Maurice River as it flows into the St. Lawrence, Trois-Rivières profits from an enviable geographic position. Indeed, perched at the halfway mark between the two largest cities of the province, Quebec and Montreal, Trois-Rivières is an interesting place to move a household, since it offers both the charm of the big cities, while allowing its inhabitants to enjoy the benefits of the suburbs. It has all the services for people of all ages to live well: primary and secondary schools, universities, colleges, banks, hospitals, grocery stores, day-care centres, bike paths, a good public transport network, etc.

Exceptional Quality of Life

Furthermore, Trois-Rivières is known for offering its inhabitants an exceptional quality of life. Lively, but quiet at the same time, Trois-Rivières is a safe city in which to live and to raise children. In all seasons, the city provides residents with a wealth of cultural and community activities to let them brighten up their free time. Festivals, themed evenings, cultural days, tours, special events; there is no lack of opportunities for activities in Trois-Rivières to appeal to all tastes and to all members of the family.

In the city centre, specifically around the Boulevard des Forges – the main artery of the city – are innumerable bars, restaurants, cafes, shops, museums, and theatres just waiting to be invaded by locals and tourists looking to entertain themselves in good company. One visit will convince you!

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