Nicknamed la Vieille Capitale, Quebec is the second largest city of the province with more than 530,000 inhabitants. It is also a popular tourist destination, and with good reason: thanks to its historical importance and its European feel, the district of Old Quebec was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. With its beautiful nature, its neighborhoods as numerous as they are varied and its lifestyle anchored between history and modernity, Quebec has it all.

A welcoming city for all

Whether you’re young or old, looking for an apartment or a house, you will definitely find the perfect place in Quebec City. The students are spoilt for choice with fifteen higher education institutions, including Université Laval, the first francophone university ever to emerge in America. The nightlife is also very prominent, particularly in the Sainte-Foy area where the campus is located.

But the many families who choose Quebec as their home are also very pampered. The city allows young and old to flourish and therefore has received the Child Friendly City accreditation in 2010.

A colorful nature

Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Here, you will have the chance to practice many free outdoor activities. The Plains of Abraham, in addition to being situated in the heart of the city, are perfect for a long walk, a footrace, or simply a picnic.

Located just minutes from the city, Montmorency Falls for their part offer a breathtaking spectacle. Those who are very active will appreciate the enormous staircase or the 300 metre zip line which guarantees a good dose of adrenaline and stunning views. Meanwhile, l’île d’Orléans will dazzle you with its unique panorama and long bicycle paths. Beauport Bay, Saint-Charles River Park, Jacques-Cartier Park, or Marais du Nord, are just some of the places where you can have fun and enjoy the outdoors.

All year round activities

In Quebec, regardless of your entertainment preferences, you will definitely find something that suits you. In winter, the traditional Carnaval de Québec invigorates the whole city with its parades, snow sculptures and family activities. The summer season is synonymous with the now famous Quebec City Summer Festival, which annually brings together the biggest names in the local and international music scene.

Sports fans can cheer on the different sports teams from Université Laval, including their famous Red & Gold team. The cultural component is also well represented with several theaters and museums. Fine dining lovers will be pampered all across the city, but particularly in the Nouveau Saint-Roch area, where cutting-edge restaurants and trendy bars are appearing in recent years. Old Quebec, which annually attracts over 2 million tourists, is a must: Château Frontenac, Saint-Jean and Petit Champlain Streets will charm you all year long.

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