A “checklist” for moving?

A simple way to anticipate worries, unexpected events and bad experiences. So to prevent your move from turning into a nightmare, here is a very useful list to accompany you!

1 month before

  • Have you asked your future owner for permission to be able to take measures in your future home? A simple way to anticipate and organize to know if each piece of furniture will have its place!
  • Sorting out: it’s obvious we all tend to keep unnecessary things. A good opportunity to empty
  • Pick up boxes from nearby businesses and remember to keep the newspapers for packing fragile items.
  • Important: don’t forget to choose your new home insurance.
  • Change of address: notify Hydro-Québec, the telephone company, Internet company, but also insurance companies, as well as your bank and communicate your new address.
  • It is also recommended to register on the website of the Service québécois de change d ‘adresse (SQCA) which allows you to send your contact details to several departments.

1 week before

  • It is time to prepare your boxes, taking care to write, on the side and not on the top, what is inside and especially in which room they should be placed in your future apartment.
  • Prepare the packaging of your frames / shelves by removing them from the walls, which will also allow you to fill the holes.
  • Confirm the presence of your family who has agreed to help you for the day of the move.
  • In this pandemic year: specific recommendations are in force with good health practices to be implemented. The Quebec Housing Corporation offers a guide to good practices to adopt when moving, with measures to put in place before, during and after the move.
  • So it is not mandatory to use a mover, but this is still strongly recommended. In addition, it will be necessary to respect the rule of physical distance of 2 meters with everyone, whether they are movers or relatives, and this, both inside the accommodation as well as in passageways and elevators (two people maximum) of a building.
  • Remember to also plan the meals you will serve them.
  • Check with your new owner if your apartment is free to start cleaning before the move. You will have to pay particular attention to the cleaning of your future home by taking care of the doors, counters, toilets, etc …
  • It’s also time to chat with your current owner to find out how and when they want to pick up the keys and take stock.

The day before

  • Remember to check the time of the appointment with the mover or your family and friends.
  • Prepare cleaning products, markers, scissors, tools, etc. useful for the next day

Moving day

  • Clean your old home properly out of respect for your landlord and the next tenant.
  • Carry out a complete cleaning of your new accommodation, paying particular attention to all surfaces touched with your hands and also the bathrooms.
  • Useful: ask your new owner where to turn off the water and electricity in an emergency, but also where the oil changes are and what are the collection days.

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