Living in Longueuil means enjoying a dynamic and unique lifestyle in the suburbs. The municipality, with its three districts – Saint-Hubert, Old Longueuil and Greenfield Park – is recognized both for its very special character and the diversity of its services. Relatively young, Longueuil was founded 350 years ago and continues to remarkably reinvent itself and thus surprise its residents. A culture in upheaval, a thriving economy, green spaces in abundance and easy access to housing units make the city a place of choice to settle… for good!

Old Longueuil

Who dared say the suburb was less vibrant than the big city? Situated close to the Jacques-Cartier Bridge and a few minutes away from the Longueuil-Université-de-Sherbrooke metro station, Old Longueuil is without a doubt the most charming neighborhood of the city. While the areas of Saint-Hubert and Greenfield Park are more residential, the vibrant and historic streets of the old quarter, such as Saint-Charles Street, have nothing to envy even to the most beautiful corners of Montreal. Many cafes, restaurants, bars and charming small shops intertwine to the joy of the neighborhood. Old Longueuil is also the perfect place for a number of festivities: outdoor concerts and festivals are held annually in the different parks of the borough and offer residents a stimulating cultural life.

Green spaces

Although it is located close to the metropolis, the agglomeration holds more than 300 parks which feature 235 km of bicycle paths: the perfect opportunity to discover the city and its different neighborhoods! For nature and wildlife observation lovers, two national parks – that of Iles-de-Boucherville and Mont-Saint-Bruno – are also easily accessible. Moreover, this recreational network is connected to the Old Port of Montreal and the Promenade Bellerive by river shuttles, as well as to the Charron Island and the Iles-de-Boucherville Park by ferry boats.

The city of Longueuil has many assets. Its location near the Saint-Lawrence River and downtown Montreal makes it one of the municipalities of the province with the highest potential for economic development. Its job opportunities as well as the proximity of its university make it a great place to live in, without the hassle of residing in a big city. It is also easily accessible by metro, commuter trains or even the Bixi service already available there. Therefore, living in Longueuil means having the opportunity to enjoy a neighborhood life that is both peaceful and dynamic, without compromise.

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