Laval, Good for the Moral!

Living in Laval is living in a city of business, a city of culture, a city close to nature. With its proximity and ease of access to downtown Montreal, the municipality knows how to attract and charm young professionals in search of a place that is safe and pleasant as well as dynamic, in which to build their future.

A city in motion

Established in 1965 but with a history of nearly 400 years, the city of Laval is relatively young and in constant development. The City recently adopted a sustainable urban development plan under which all new urban constructions should respect the general appearance and organization of Laval’s different neighborhoods. Businesses and young families alike are taking advantage of the fact that many real estate projects are emerging, in order to settle, thus contributing to the demographic and entrepreneurial development. And even though the condominium market is exploding and it has somewhat transformed the landscape in certain boroughs, numerous natural attractions help preserve the beauty and natural assets of the region.

A city of a thousand faces

With natural treasures in the vicinity – such as parks, numerous Laurentian Mountains and the Mille-Iles River – Laval, along with its historic district and city center has become over the years a tourist destination as well as a business nucleus teeming with activities and events. Summer or winter, parks, art galleries and interpretation centers are sure to entertain you: tubing, ice fishing, snow sculptures, dragon boat expeditions, many pools, shopping centers and restaurants… the choice is up to you!

A city of culture and history

If you are fond of art, exhibitions and diverse encounters, Sainte-Rose is where you should settle. This sector is the meeting point for visitors and of course, residents of the city. It is a thriving neighborhood with popular and luxurious boutiques, restaurants, strange but fantastic antique shops and many art galleries. Some galleries, like La Vieille Caserne, offer visual arts presentations during which visitors are allowed in the artists’ workshop. In fact, the majority of cultural events take place in this neighborhood.

Not to be missed…

In Laval, many events that bring people together take place throughout the year. From the Journée de la Culture to the Semaine Lavalloise de la Terre, or from the Semaine Lavalloise des Aînés to the seasonal markets such as the one at Christmas, not to forget the events held at the Painting and Sculpture Symposium, the choices are numerous and are sure to please everyone! Heritage tours offering guided walks are even available in some historic neighborhoods for those who just settled in the metropolis, to invite them to discover the past and the present of these beautiful areas.

Laval is a city that continues to develop, to move, to reinvent itself. And you, what will you contribute to its history and culture?

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