Add a Dwelling

In your menu (management section), select the Properties tab and select My apartments.
Click on the button Add an apartment:

1- Choose the building AND the unit address:
2- Enter the door number:
Note: The door number can be the street number or a flat number.
3- Specify the type of unit and then specify the size, the floor of the unit and the number of rooms, bathrooms, and the total area in ft2 or m2.
Indicate the amount of the rent, the frequency of payment and the availability date:
Note: If the availability date is prior to the current date Kangalou will display in the listing that the dwelling is available now.
4- Add a description of your accommodation in French and English:
Note : The description must be precise and emphasize the strengths of the unit and the attractions of the area:
5- Define the characteristics of the specific unit by selecting from the list of criteria:
6- Add pictures of your dwelling:
Note: The exterior photos should be in the details of the building.
7- Save your information:






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