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You must add your building and unit before publishing a listing. Once your unit is added, you can publish from 3 different places:
1. In the section Manage - My Units the Publish button    will be there if there is no active listing of the unit. If there is an active listing, the action will be unavailable.
2. In the Listings section - Publish a listing, you can start a new post. The list of your units will be shown to you. You must select the building and unit that you want to publish. Units that already have an active listing will be listed but unavailable to select.
3. On the My Listings page in the Listing section, click on Publish a listing button  . You will be in the building-unit selection mentioned in the second point.

Once you have started your listing, here are 4 essentials steps to complete:

1. Validate the listed information.*
*It is better to make the corrections in Buildings and/or in Units keep them for the future listings.
2. Add photos if it’s not already done. 
3. Click Choose Package. You can also add one or more options. The basic features remain free, and you can select the following option: I prefer to publish my listing using standard view without improvement (free publication). 
4. Click on Checkout or Publish your listing. If you have selected a package and/or options, you will be redirected to the Shopping Cart*. Your listing will not be published until the transaction is completed. Listings waiting to be published are in the Shopping Cart as well as in the Listings to Publish list in the Listings - My Listings section.
*In the Shopping Cart section, it is still possible to add options to your publications, but it is impossible to change the package. If you want to change the package, you need to start again with Publish a listing. 

In the Shopping Cart:

1. The information in your profile will be added automatically. Complete them as needed. 
2. Select an existing credit card or add a credit card
       a. Identify the card to add (personal card, company card, etc.)
       b. Enter the card information
Kangalou does not keep credit card information. The information is protected and stored at Moneris.
3. Click on Make the Payment to complete the transaction. The transaction will be approved, and a receipt will be sent to you by email.
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