Add a Building

To add a building, you need to login to your account.


Then click on "PUBLISH" to be redirected to your property portfolio:


1- Click on "Building" (you can also access the building page by clicking on menu and then through the Management section, then on "Properties" and on "My buildings"): 



2- Click on "Add a building":



3- Provide a distinctive name to your building or just write the address:
Note: The system will automatically validate the name of the street, region and the city, make corrections if necessary. Add the street number of the building.
OPTIONAL - If your building has more than one address, in the case of plexes for example, add the street number and the street name for each of them.
4- Select the type of building, enter the number of units and the number of floors of the building:
5- Select the characteristics of the building to make it more attractive:
Note: It is important to correctly enter all of your criteria to properly characterize your building and the surrounding area.
6- Add some pictures of the outside of your building and the attractions of the area:
Note: You will be adding photos of the dwelling in a further step
7- Save


STEP 2 : Add a dwelling



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