Three weeks before moving day!

With less than a month to prepare for your move, it is time to think more seriously about D-Day to avoid unpleasant surprises. And since moving rarely happens as planned, Kangalou has prepared a series of articles with tips to make sure everything goes well. So, after our list of things to do 1 month before moving, here are some tips 3 weeks before!

The countdown has started, so if you move on July 1 and haven’t rented a truck yet or booked professional movers, hurry, because they may be hard to find. Also think of the people who will help you on this day. Extra arms will be important!

In the current context of the pandemic, it will be important to take into consideration certain additional steps before, during and after your move. Follow the guide of the Quebec Housing Corporation (SHQ) which summarizes the good health practices to adopt for tenants who move this year. Take all necessary precautions to avoid the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Once you have sorted out the things you keep and the things to donate, start preparing a few boxes to avoid doing everything the day before. Select the items that you use less often or that are out of season and pack everything. You will save a lot of time!

Who says packaging, says box! Plan ahead: buy boxes and tape in advance. It is not uncommon for it to be difficult to find the days before July 1st! Also remember to collect newspaper to wrap your fragile items.

If you want to buy decor for your new apartment, think about shopping, especially if you plan to get them online. With the pandemic, delivery times are longer than usual, which could complicate matters.

Also remember to ask for days off before or after the move to avoid unnecessary stress! This will allow you to take the time to settle in properly and prevent you from living through your boxes for too long.

Prepare a small moving budget! Through the moving costs, the new decor, the boxes, the last minute unexpected, you can quickly lose track of your expenses. For those leaving the family nest, this is a great way to remember everything and highlight the essential items.

Write a checklist of things you do not want to forget such as your change of address with the various institutions or even shop for your home insurance, see for your Hydro-Quebec subscription … Here is a very useful list to accompany you and anticipate worries, the unexpected and bad experiences.

Finally, stay zen! The moving season is stressful for everyone, and even more so this year, but if you prepare well, it will be a pleasant moment that will mark the start of a new apartment adventure!

For the rest of things, stay connected! Kangalou will be publishing a full set of articles with things to think about every week to make your move day a success! If you want to get ahead, consult our blog, we have a lot of tips and tricks that can help you!