The cost of studying in Quebec

Quebec’s tuition fees are among the world’s lowest, so it’s no wonder that the province’s higher education system attracts thousands of students from around the globe! The larger cities like Montreal, Quebec City and Sherbrooke also attract a good number of Quebec residents looking for better academic and professional opportunities. But besides the cost of school tuition, what are the costs of moving from one city to another?

For the undergraduate level, tuition and other related costs vary depending on the student’s status and the number of courses taken per semester, but not depending on the chosen discipline. Admission and registration fees, books and school supplies, membership fees to different associations, and health insurance should also be taken into consideration.

A Quebec student should need about $1,600 for a full-time semester. However, tuition is much higher for international students: depending on the program they sign up for, they will most likely spend between $8,200 and $10,500 for a five-course semester.

Saying goodbye to the suburbs

Approximately one out of two residents of Quebec suburbs moves to the city to pursue higher education. Even though the tuition is the same, this kind of move can come with considerably high living costs. In fact, the fees can add up to $8,000 to $12,000 per year. What do these expenses include? Rent, groceries and transportation, all of which are usually taken on by students’ parents when they stay at home.

Often, students who used a car at home—a necessity when not everything is accessible on foot—will feel the need to buy a new car, especially if they were using their parents’. Many others will opt for public transit, but will need to pay not only for monthly passes, but also for any trip made to their hometown to visit friends and family.

Is moving expensive?

For international students, the indirect fees from schooling are even higher. These include student and work visas, which can be very expensive and tricky to get, plane tickets, insurance and bank fees.

Some better off families, from Quebec or elsewhere, will take advantage of the situation by investing in real estate, thus transforming the extra expense into an investment. Whether it is the parents or the student who decides to take on the financial responsibilities of studying abroad, it is always wise to make a detailed budget to avoid nasty surprises. Renting a truck, leaving your job and furnishing your new home are only some of these expenses, but they add up!

Regardless, Quebec is still a top choice for international students. The cost of living and tuition is considerably more affordable than in the United States, the United Kingdom and even the rest of Canada. And the quality of life and the reputation of the education system are among the best in the world!


Open-minded, multicultural Quebec is full of endless possibilities. Its academic and professional environment, known for being dynamic, practical and open, will win you over!