The benefits of living alone rather than with a roommate

When looking for an apartment, the first decision to make is probably the one that will most influence your way of life: should I live alone or with a roommate? If some people prefer to have company, having a home to themselves, exclusively, also has several advantages.

Flexibility, please

By choosing to live alone, you have the opportunity to reduce the number of constraints: whether it be the choice of location, the budget allocated to your rent or the characteristics of your home, you will only have to take into account your needs, without having to compromise to satisfy also those of a roommate. Once your lease is signed, you will also have carte blanche to customize your home and to choose your decor!

Master of my schedule

Living together means coordinating everyone’s schedules in a harmonious way, especially when it comes to using common spaces. For example, compromises often have to be made to share the use of the kitchen or living room. In addition, everyone’s activities must be coordinated according to a schedule, because light or noise can wake up those with different sleep schedules or disturb those who study.

On the contrary, if you live alone, you can organize your activities according to your schedule without worrying about disturbing anyone: no risk of waking your roommate by entertaining friends at 10 pm or arriving late because the washroom was busy in the morning.

Living alone also means that you are solely responsible for maintaining your home and this can be a more demanding task. However, you have the opportunity to clean at your own pace and according to your priorities. For example, if you are you too exhausted to do the dishes after your shift, you can simply wait until the next morning to unclutter the kitchen sink, without risking irritating your roommates.

No quarrels in my home!

For many, living with a roommate is a good solution to avoid boredom. However, solo living certainly avoids the conflicts that accompany cohabitation. Whether in the choice of decor or in the details of your lifestyle, the preferences and small habits of each can quickly turn into irritants and make everyday unpleasant. Moreover, living with a roommate is a particular way of life… the faults of a roommate are sometimes more difficult to tolerate than those of a spouse! By making your apartment yours exclusively, you will eliminate the sources of conflict at home.

In short, living alone offers flexibility that is almost impossible to find by cohabiting with others. If loneliness does not scare you and your budget allows you to live alone, you will probably be very happy with the freedom that this lifestyle will give you.

But maybe you’re more inclined to have a roommate? This lifestyle also includes many benefits!