Moving in times of COVID-19? Instructions and precautions

The rental period seems to be restarting and many questions arise in connection with moving and the COVID-19 pandemic. First, Kangalou follows government recommendations and measures, favoring the renewal of your current lease if your move is not essential. However, if your move was already planned for this year, here are few good practices to adopt to move into your new apartment safely:

  • If possible, use professional movers. Indeed, the services of movers are considered to be essential activities and remain available. They also received recommendations from the Institut national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ) to prevent the risk of spreading COVID-19.
  • In the event that you have to carry out the move yourself and without the help of professionals, call only on your immediate relatives, ie those with whom you currently live. It is imperative to limit the number of people present, avoid being several people in the same room and stand 2 meters apart.
  • It is essential to communicate well with your future owner, to ensure that the tenant of your new apartment is well able to leave on the agreed date.
  • Also ask the landlord to inquire about the recent health status of previous tenants. As mentioned in the guide of the Société d’habitation du Québec (SHQ) “if a person who resides or resided in your future home has suffered from COVID-19 symptoms, contact Info-Santé 811 to explore possible solutions ”.
  • For the moving day, contact the owner or former tenant to find out when they will vacate the apartment. Arrange to move when the apartment is completely empty. In addition, this will avoid crossing paths with the former tenant (s).
  • You must remember to clean your current apartment in order to leave it in immaculate condition for the new tenant. Then you must carefully disinfect your new home! Take a hydro-alcoholic solution and make sure to clean frequently touched surfaces like door handles, switches … If you move to a furnished apartment, do not forget to disinfect furniture and appliances.
  • Because a move that goes well is a move that is well prepared, planned and organized. Also, don’t forget the various formalities to be expected when you move: change of address with telephone or internet services, bank … Also consider your subscription to Hydro-Québec, to take out home insurance. For more information, see the full checklist designed by Kangalou.

Due to the specific context of the pandemic, there are several additional steps to be taken before, during and after your move this year. Follow the guide from the Société habitation du Québec (SHQ) which summarizes the good health practices to adopt for tenants who will have to move soon. Take all necessary precautions to avoid the risk of spreading COVID-19.