Move during COVID! Some hygiene tips!

With only two weeks to go before July 1, there is still a lot to prepare for this day to go smoothly. If you haven’t quite started your preparations, check out our last article on the essentials to plan for July 1st! For the rest of things, Kangalou offers you some ideas for making your move in compliance with the health rules imposed during this pandemic period to protect your health.

First, when you move wear a mask, wash your hands often and try as much as possible to keep your two meters away from the people who will help you. If you’ve hired movers, make sure they wear their masks too.

When you leave your old apartment, think about your next one by leaving your accommodation in good condition. In addition to doing the usual cleaning, disinfects the areas that were most often affected: door handles, switches, counters and sinks. If the next tenants arrive soon, the risk that the virus will survive on the surfaces will be limited.

When you get to your new apartment, put yourself in cleaning mode. As you do not know if the previous tenants have been as conscientious as you with the cleaning, clean your new home with care and above all also disinfects the most affected areas, without forgetting the bathroom, before even starting to deposit there your items. In this way you will protect yourself and you will have a clear conscience. As for common areas, be careful since many people circulate there every day. Put on gloves and avoid touching your face.

When loading and unloading boxes and furniture, avoid being several in the same room. For larger items such as sofas or appliances, get straps to make work easier and respect the distance measures.

A move that goes well is a move that is well prepared, planned and organized. Don’t forget the various formalities to be expected when you move: change of address with telephone, internet and bank services … Also think about your Hydro-Quebec subscription, to take out home insurance. For more information, see the full checklist designed by Kangalou.

Finally, follow the guide of the Quebec Housing Corporation (SHQ) which summarizes the good health practices to adopt for tenants who will have to move this year.

Above all, stay connected! Kangalou publishes a full set of articles with things to think about every week to make your move day a success! If you want to get ahead, consult our blog, we have a lot of tips and tricks that can help you!