How to host the perfect movie night at home?

Hosting a movie night at home is not only an economic activity, it’s also a great way to share moments with friends during this long period of hibernation. When planning the perfect movie night, every detail counts to deliver a convivial experience. It’s an opportunity to create a warm atmosphere and immerse yourself in different cinematic universes.

Here are a few key steps to creating a memorable movie night. The hardest part will be choosing the right film.

1-Select the movie :

Choose a theme: action, romantic comedy, horror or suspense. Ask your friends for suggestions and see what they like. You could even create a Doodle poll to decide which movie to watch.

2-Prepare your space :

  • Create a cozy atmosphere: collect all the cushions, pillows, blankets and rugs in your apartment and lay them out on the floor to keep your friends comfortable.
  • Set up the necessary equipment: make sure the TV or projector is working properly and that the sound is clear.
  • Create an atmospheric playlist to welcome your guests.
  • Depending on the film or theme selected, try adding decorative elements to reflect the mood of the film. If you want to take the experience a step further, ask your friends to dress up in costumes or wear accessories.

3-Scheduling :

Plan how the evening will progress, setting a start and end time. Plan a break to allow guests to stretch their legs, nibble and share their impressions of the film.

4-Think of individual preferences :

  • If some friends prefer to watch the film with subtitles, make sure the option is available.
  • Find out about food allergies or other special requirements.

5-Prepare snacks :

Forget about counting calories or the risk of cavities, and plan snacks worthy of a real movie theater…

  • Popcorn bar: offers different types: salted, cheddar, caramel, etc.
  • Bowl of candy, chips, nachos with salsa or melted cheese (veggies and dip if you really must!).
  • Drinks: plan different types of drinks to suit your group’s preferences.

You’ve got everything you need to organize the perfect movie night at home. So get the invitations ready and let the movie night begin!

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