10 decorating ideas for small budgets!

Want to embellish your living space without spending a fortune?

With a little creativity and ingenuity, yes, it’s possible to breathe new life into your home without breaking the bank. Here are 10 simple, affordable decorating ideas that will bring your home back to life in no time.

1. Reworking existing furniture

Before you run out and buy new furniture, see if you can reupholster the ones you already have! A fresh coat of paint, new door handles or a light sanding can give a chest of drawers or a table a new lease on life, at a fraction of the cost.

2. Play with the adhesive strips

Decorative adhesive tapes, like washi tape, can be used to create patterns on walls or furniture. It’s an inexpensive way to add a little whimsy to your space. Even cheaper, you can use electrical tape if you want to make a black pattern!

3. Add new textiles

Textiles offer a cost-effective solution for transforming the look of a room. Colorful curtains and rugs can add color and make the space much more inviting. To quickly refresh the look of a sofa, change (or add) cushion covers and embellish with a throw to make it even more inviting.

4. Paint an accent wall

Paint remains one of the most economical solutions for transforming the look of a room. Opt for a vibrant hue and apply it to one or two walls to create an instant visual impact that will dramatically enhance your space!

5. China second-hand treasures

Second-hand stores and garage sales are excellent sources of affordable finds. You might find one-of-a-kind furniture, old mirrors with wooden frames or vintage decorative objects that will add character to your space.

6. Add plants

A classic, indoor plants are affordable and add life to any room. Opt for easy-care plants, like succulents, for a verdant decor. Plus, they’re good for purifying the air in your apartment!

7. Install floating shelves

Floating shelves are inexpensive, versatile and easy to install on walls. They can be used to store or display objects, while freeing up floor space.

8. Use wooden crates

Bring a little library to life with wooden boxes. Arrange them side by side and stack them as you wish. Decide whether you’d rather keep their natural wood look or repaint them to match your existing decor. You can also mount them on the wall!

9. Create a gallery wall

Gather cheap or second-hand frames and create a gallery wall. By displaying pictures, photographs or other decorative elements, and mixing different sizes and shapes, you can achieve a really interesting artistic effect.

10. Reorganizes space

Sometimes, a simple rearrangement of furniture can give a room a new lease of life. Play with arrangements, move furniture around, add a rug to define a space and reinvent your living room without spending a thing.

Let your creativity do the talking, and keep an eye out for bargains. We hope these ideas will help you make your home a place that reflects your style, without spending a fortune.