Customize Your Profile

Nobody likes to talk to a machine or answer an anonymous email. This is also why Kangalou strives to offer a more human experience. To put a face on its future tenant or landlord, the platform provides you with the ability to create a custom profile.


To do this, go to "Profile" in the management section.



Here you can upload a photo and write a short description. The number of characters is unlimited, so get creative!


Why not describe what type of landlord/manager you are and how you operate, what kind of relationship you want to develop with your tenants, what are the qualities you look for in a tenant, or what are your future plans!


Feel free to use humor to introduce yourself; it is after all your business card. Pay special attention to spelling and the syntax and avoid as much as possible to use all capital letters ... One might mistakenly assume that you are angry!


You can also mention the phone number to reach you. However, you must check the consent box to make it public. If you wish, you can also write a description of your management company. However, it will override your "personal file".


Finally, do not forget to indicate if you are a member of a partner organization. This information will remain confidential, but you will enjoy great offers!




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