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To add photos to a building or a unit you can drag photos in the space provided for this purpose or click the button and add photos from your folders.


In the listing you can reorder your photos, select a photo, and drag it to the desired location. Your first photo will appear in the search results and will be displayed on top of your listing.

There is no limit on the number of photos on Kangalou, but we recommend downloading at least 3 for the building and outside in the neighborhood and at least 6 for the apartment, in order to give visitors a good idea of the overall environment.



Some tips to take great photos for your listing.


The pictures of your property must be taken seriously. They reflect your professionalism and can differentiate you from other landlords. They are also the most useful elements considered on Kangalou: a listing with photos has 7 times more visits than the ones without.


You will find below some tips for you to fully optimize the composition and aesthetics of your photos.


  • Resolution: 1024px to 1920px wide;
  • Preferably use jpg;
  • The maximum size should be around 3MB;
  • Take pictures in landscape format;
  • Adjust the orientation of your photos on your computer before uploading;
  • Rename pictures (Entrance.jpg, Kitchen.jpg...);
  • Offer a global view of a room;
  • Light up the room and take photos during the day;
  • Avoid taking your photos with a bright window because the interior will seem darker;
  • However, the openings must be visible to show the brightness and windows;
  • To increase brightness, you can use external flashes or lengthen the exposure time;
  • Remove and organize items if necessary to harmonize all the rooms;
  • Focus on rooms and interesting details;
  • Add photos of your building and its surroundings to show the environment;
  • Add at least 6 photos of the apartment;
  • Ideally, use a tripod and a wide-angle lens.


In conclusion, to significantly increase your visibility, bet on the quality of your photos, details make the difference!


Calling a professional can be a wise decision, photography is a profession in its own right.


You can also find easy-to-use software to edit your photos? To learn more



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