How to Report a Fraudulent Listing?

Kangalou makes sure that each advertiser commits to respect the terms of use of the site.


We work daily to protect ourselves against fraudsters and to prevent any fraudulent act on Kangalou.


Despite the constant vigilance of our team and the multiple reporting options on the site, it happens that a suspicious listing remains visible temporarily before it is analyzed and considered fraudulent.


If you have any doubts about the nature of a listing that seems fraudulent, please let us know:


If you are already connected to your Kangalou account, you can directly report a suspicious listing by clicking on the "Report" button (below "Contact the advertiser"). 



Once the listing is reported, Kangalou will proceed with the usual verifications. If it turns out that the conditions of use of the site are not respected, the suspect account will be suspended and the right to use Kangalou will be revoked.


Kangalou does not control the messages or information found on any Kangalou service; therefore, Kangalou expressly disclaims any and all liability for the services and actions resulting from your participation in any service. The website validates the owner's email and makes no judgments about the owner's person, the quality of their accommodations or the characteristics of the individual.


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