What to know before renting… or choosing not to!

Have you set your sights on a new apartment? Congratulations! After a tour around the area and a visit to the dwelling itself your next step is to qualify, but that’s not all. You have to become the best rental candidate!

Every homeowner should carry out a pre-rental screening before signing up someone for a lease, which implies he must request beforehand some personal information: full name, date of birth and your current contact information.

To validate the information on your rental application, he may also ask for a valid piece of photo identification but without specifying any one in particular, leaving the choice up to you. Take note that the landlord is not permitted to transcribe or photocopy the information contained therein.

This information will allow him, with your written consent, to access your credit report in order to verify your payment habits.

With your consent still, he will want to verify your ability to pay as well, in addition to inquiring about your behaviour as a tenant. Following, some of the information that may also be required:

  • Employer contact information, employment status and salary, or other sources of income;
  • References of current and previous landlords.

To track on your habits, the owner could also consult your criminal and civil records, without forgetting your file with the Régie du logement, whose judgments are made public.

Beware of scams

The Internet makes the search for an apartment easier but, be careful nonetheless! Some people, sometimes tenants themselves, have seen there an opportunity to scam future tenants by placing fake “For Rent” ads.

Never send money in advance to book an apartment that you did not yet visit or to someone you have not met prior.

Concerning Kangalou’s rental website, verifications are made daily to mitigate the risk of fraud.

By Julie from Bohos.ca