What to do a week before moving day?

With only a few days before moving day, you probably have several boxes to fill, furniture and accessories to buy or even address changes to complete. Even if Kangalou is not physically there to help you move furniture, we are here to accompany you and equip you to make sure you move is a success.

Above all, even if the move brings its share of stress, stay zen! You still have time to plan. Pack a few boxes each day to avoid having to pack the day before. Clean up your laundry and prepare a bag with the things you want to give.

If you have not already done so, change your address to your suppliers such as Hydro-Québec and your bank. For Hydro-Québec, online service is simple and fast and you save the service fees of $ 25.

Send a message to people who will help you remind them of the date and time of the move. In the context of this year, remind them to wear a mask. Also confirm the reservation of your truck. Mistakes are more common in high traffic periods. If you do business with professional movers, do the same.

Contact your future owner to confirm the time of taking possession of your home. If you need more information about this day like how to get to the elevator, don’t hesitate to ask. It’s not his first rodeo.

Shop your internet plan to avoid using all your data once in an apartment. This is also an opportunity to find a good deal! If you have a car, also consider applying for your parking sticker (if necessary).

Also think about your home insurance. It’s fast and important. You will have a quote in a few minutes. That way you can sleep with peace of mind.

Then gather the tools you will need. Prepare a box with a few essentials such as measuring tape, multi-point screwdriver, gloves, hammer, pliers, cleaning products, cleaning cloth, etc. For heavier devices, consider getting straps. They will save you from a lot of worries and a visit to the Chiro;)

Finally, prepare a list of things to keep in mind. Whether it’s items to buy or instructions to remember, there is nothing better than a good old list.

For the rest of things, stay connected! Kangalou publishes a full set of articles with things to think about every week to make your move day a success! If you want to get ahead, consult our blog, we have a lot of tips and tricks that can help you!