The Kind of Insurance to Leave you Sound Asleep

So you own some old furniture scattered here and there and some goods that are more on the cheap side; then having a home insurance is probably not on your list of priorities. Nonetheless…

By law it is not mandatory for you to be covered and you possibly do not own a lot of items of great value, however liability protection is by itself worth having insurance.

What exactly is liability?

Let’s pretend that a fire started in your apartment and while you were away, it quickly spread throughout the whole building. You have to be aware that the landlord’s insurance does not cover your personal belongings. It is also highly possible that you will be held responsible for the fire and therefore you will end up having to pay astronomical amounts of money to the landlord and your neighbors in order to cover their losses. The game is definitely not worth the candle, especially since several insurance companies offer programs where the premium averages around 20$ per month.

Indeed, and while talking about money, there are a few simple tricks that can help you save on your insurance fees. The first thing to do is to get a quote from multiple insurance companies in order to draw comparisons. It is also possible to increase the deductible, meaning the basic amount of money that you have to pay first in order to proceed with your insurance claim. And in a case where you have other goods to claim, such as a car or a motorcycle, you can ask for a joined home and auto program: you will probably save on the long run.

To sum it up, there are enough reasons for you to start shopping around for home insurance right away…