Only one month left to prepare for his move!

Have you found the apartment of your dreams, signed the lease and all you have to do is move? One month before D-Day, it is recommended to start planning your move, especially this year due to the pandemic. So, to be sure that you are ready and that everything is going well, Kangalou offers you a series of articles to guide you in the essential things to prepare to avoid unpleasant surprises.

With 1 month in front of you, think of the essential things during your move. The truck and the arms! And yes, without a truck and without help you will not go far. Reserve your truck in advance and make sure you have a few arms to help you. Ideally, this year with the pandemic, call on your loved ones to limit the risks, adopt the rules of distancing and respect the instructions of the government. The Quebec Housing Corporation offers a guide to good practices to adopt. Otherwise, think of professional movers, this will also be a recommended option this year. Indeed, the services of movers remain available. They also received recommendations from Quebec public health (INSPQ) to prevent the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Start figuring out what you want to move. A move is an opportunity to get rid of dust-collecting objects or old unused clothing. Sort and give them to an organization that will give them a second life. Kangalou has a few ideas to help you sort your waste in the right way and also suggests local organizations.

Then plan your change of address! Hydro-Québec, SAAQ, Internet, bank, Tenant insurance, etc. Prepare a list of companies and institutions involved to make sure you don’t forget anything.

Finally, start picking up the boxes and newspapers. You will not have to buy them in the days before your move!

For the rest of things, stay connected! Kangalou is preparing a full set of articles with things to think about every week to make your move day a success! If you want to get ahead, consult our blog, we have a lot of tips and tricks that can help you!