How to pack your boxes like a pro!

Packing your moving boxes seems pretty easy and straightforward. While that’s true, you’ll still want to follow our advice, because being prepared is important, even crucial, to a successful move.

Clear out everything you don’t need

No matter how painful it sounds, the very first step is to sort your belongings. Say goodbye to useless items, unwanted gifts, impulsive purchases and anything that’s gathering dust and cluttering up your shelves. If you haven’t worn certain pieces of clothing or used specific items in more than two seasons, this is the perfect time to have a garage sale or donate them to charity.

Get the right materials

If you work in an office, store or restaurant, ask your employer to set aside sturdy boxes for you for a few weeks before your move. Stop by your local grocery stores, which would be happy to give you their choice boxes. Alternatively, buy them from a moving company. This last option is more expensive, but your boxes will be new and definitely solid.

Plan ahead

Don’t wait until the last minute to start packing. Begin with the things you know you won’t use, like Christmas and Halloween decorations, off-season clothing, photo albums, books, CDs, things in the garage and so on.

The night before your move, start a box for all the items you’ll need during the big day, and keep it within reach. Include toilet paper, toiletries and medications, several rags, a measuring tape, plastic dishes and cleaning products.

Pack smart

Do you know the golden rule of packing? Always put the heaviest items in the smallest boxes and the lightest items in the biggest. Also make sure that the weight is balanced, and fill your boxes as much as possible so they won’t get crushed when piled on top of each other in the truck!

A few days before the move, close your dresser drawers with tape. You can leave your clothing inside and keep a few things out to wear. Keep your sheets, towels and pillows in garbage bags closed with twist ties so you can reuse them.

To maximize truck space and move large furniture more easily, take it apart and store the screws in a small, labelled bag taped to the piece of furniture they go with. And of course, always protect the more fragile things with bubble wrap or wrapping paper.

Label your boxes

A detailed inventory of your items will save you a whole lot of trouble. Make a thorough list, organized by room, of everything you are taking with you. Number the goods on the list and then list these numbers on the boxes.

Keep only the absolutely necessary items with you

While it’s best to start packing and storing boxes as early as possible, some valuable items would be safer travelling with you, in your car, than in the moving truck. Also bring your plants in the car. Keep them stable by placing them in shallow boxes with newspaper stuffed around them.

On moving day, don’t forget to have a few items on hand like tape, garbage and recycling bags, sturdy rope, a box cutter and a dark-coloured marker. They’ll be extremely helpful!

Now you’re ready for an easy, efficient, successful move!