How to find the apartment of your dreams in 5 steps

Big decision: you want to change scenery and you did not renew your lease for the upcoming month of July. Aside from rent, do you know which criteria is the most important in order to choose your new apartment? The simplest way is to list everything you wish to have in your apartment, and to classify them in three different categories: things with the highest priority, things that are desirable and things that are optional. So here are a few ideas to give you some assistance.


For some the place where the apartment is located is more important than the apartment itself. The choice of neighbourhood implies by definition a certain way of life. Do you prefer a dynamic or a quiet neighbourhood? Will your new neighbourhood be friendly and welcoming? Is it pleasant to have a walk around? Does the city or district offer multiple facilities to the citizens of its community? A lot of questions for which answers have to be found…


In the same line of thought, proximity is one of the most important issues for when the time comes to shop around for a new apartment. How much time are you willing to spend morning and evening commuting by public transport to your workplace? Will your new house be situated next to public transport stations or will it have a parking space? How close do you want to live to a park, markets, stores and your friends? You will see, these are not just trivial questions.


People move often mostly because the size of their apartment is not suitable anymore. So how many bedrooms do you need? Do you think you are going to need an office space at home? Do you want to be able to invite many of your friends over for supper? Many things to keep in mind…


Sometimes it is the need to find a cosier nest that lures people into moving. So what is important for you? Better soundproofing, better insulation, washer and dryer, AC system, access to the gym, a swimming pool? Do you prefer living in a big building with a superintendent available or in a little duplex with a private entrance? Is it important for you to have a superintendent on site or surveillance cameras in the building? Figure it out: it is your business…


Are you a homebody? Do you prefer to lounge on your couch? Then maybe the interior design of your apartment is more important to you. Do you prefer old apartments with a vintage feel or a completely renovated modern dwelling? Are you adamant on having hardwood floors? Do you want a big balcony, a terrace or a backyard that you can arrange to your liking? It is all a matter of taste…