Find your apartment

Apart from rent, what are the most important criteria when it comes to choosing a new home? To find the perfect apartment, draw up a list containing all your criteria, and classify them into three sections: non-negotiable, desirable and optional.


For many, being close to work or school is often a decisive factor in choosing a home. Are you ready to pay more for this? If you work in the city, but rather want to live in the suburbs, an apartment near public transport can be an interesting alternative. You must also ask yourself the question: does this neighbourhood suit me?

The apartment

Next focus on the type of apartment you want: what size do you need? How many rooms do you need? If you are a homebody and love stay home, the decor of the apartment will take a greater importance on your list.

Included or not?

Once the type of housing chosen, evaluate whether you need furniture or not. If you do not own a lot of equipment, a furnished or semi-furnished unit may be worth considering. Do you need parking? Are animals accepted? After answering these questions, you will have a clearer list of criteria to guide the search for your future home.

One, two, three, search!

While previously, looking for an apartment was done through newspaper ads or signs posted on buildings or supermarket bulletin boards, tenants are now turning to the Web. To this end, Kangalou allows you to focus on the specific accommodations that suit you with the criteria you have chosen.

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