Discovering HoMa

Hochelaga-Maisonneuve has long since been plagued by unfavorable critics, but today it is a destination of choice for students and young professionals alike looking for the ideal apartment. A bustling neighbourhood, a great sense of community, and endless housing opportunities have turned it into an attractive hub.

Housing in HoMa

HoMa is a happy mix of people, architecture, and cultural wealth. Older houses built between 1880 and 1920 are indistinguishable from those found in the Plateau or Outremont, but are rented out at a fraction of the price. In addition to affordable housing, the size of the apartments attracts more and more people from other boroughs. That’s right! There are still apartments large enough to accommodate small families or several roommates.

Making Friends in HoMa

Living in HoMa is like being part of a small village while enjoying all the perks of the big city. People here develop a strong sense of belonging and the neighbourhood’s impressive social mix helps make everyone feel at home. It’s just like a big family where neighbours are more than likely to become friends! In Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, people who enjoy the nightlife also appreciate each other’s company. The barman quickly becomes a friend, if not the confidant of regulars.  And who knows, you might just make a chance encounter at Monsieur Smith or at Espace Public!

Working in HoMa

Over the years, the prosperous industrial municipality declined into one of the city’s poorest neighbourhood and today is undergoing revitalization initiatives, striving to rebuild its image and major arteries. Its contemporary ambiance and countless opportunities are the result of business leaders—young professionals, students, often friends, neighbours or acquaintances from the bar around the corner—getting involved in their neighbourhood. Of course, HoMa did not lose all of the candour that characterized this working-class neighbourhood. The borough sets itself apart by the mobilization of its citizens and the impressive outreach of its various community organizations to leverage the diversity and quality of the jobs offered in the area.

Getting Around HoMa

One of the key advantages of the neighbourhood is its vast number of services. Between the Préfontaine and Honoré-Beaugrand subway stations on the green line, many public transit buses facilitate getting around. The fast-paced development of its main and secondary arteries and the pedestrianization of some streets in many areas of the borough have also made it possible to do everything on foot! And car owners can still find parking easily, especially in the more residential sectors of Tétreaultville and Longue-Pointe.

Visiting HoMa

HoMa is much more than the Olympic Stadium and the Biodome! Don’t miss the opportunity to discover Place Valois and its many cafés, the splendid Bellerive and Maisonneuve parks, stunning green alleys, and more than 300 merchants along Promenade Ontario and St. Catherine Street. And to all the foodies and fans of privately imported beer out there, know that about forty or so foodtrucks can be found on the first Friday of every summer month at the Esplanade Financière Sun Life in the Olympic Park.