Create the Perfect Back-to-School Telecommuting or Study Space

With back-to-school out of the way this year, it will be important to adapt your workspace to continue telecommuting or even studying from home. And since we don’t know how long it will last, it’s best to get settled in. The Kangalou team has prepared a few tips and tricks to create the perfect space!

A Quiet Place


Whether you’re studying or working, a little peace and quiet is always appreciated, especially when you have to talk on the phone or participate in videoconference meetings. Choose a place with a door that closes or away from the “action”. If that’s not possible, get a good headset to keep the noise to a minimum.

Your Desk


Since you may spend many hours sitting at your desk, it’s a good idea to think about getting one that suits your needs. There are several models to suit all tastes. Some are even adjustable and allow you to work standing up for those who don’t want to sit all day. Speaking of sitting, think about your chair. Find one that will give you good posture. There’s nothing worse than bad posture and a bad back.

Tidying Up


Work means important documents! To avoid having everything scattered and difficult to find, find a place where you can organize your documents. If you don’t already have a place, get a storage box or binder. It will come in handy.



Good lighting will help you get through your day and your eyes will be less tired. Ideally, sit parallel to the light source. This way, you avoid bad posture that could be caused by reflections or glare. If you don’t have access to sunlight, try to avoid a contrast between the light from your screen and the room you are in!

A Routine


Even if you don’t have to get up as early to go to work or school, a morning routine is still super important to start your day. Above all, resist the urge to spend the day in your pajamas! Getting dressed is a reminder that you are in work mode.

Finally, maintain a healthy lifestyle. Plan your schedule and take breaks to eat and take your mind off things. Also, remember to talk regularly with your colleagues or friends to keep in touch! And don’t forget to “get away from work” and take some time for yourself! This is very important.