Limitation of listings on partner sites


Display limitation of advertisements on partner sites


Editing Ads

You can not edit an already published YouTube video. Any changes to an active ad with a YouTube plan will not be reflected on this platform. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for external posts or after changes to your ads. Partner sites operate under their rules, Kangalou can not be responsible for errors or omissions.
- The order of the pictures can not be assured.
- Some photos could not be displayed due to limitations of size or quantity.
- Email and phone number are displayed automatically or can be hidden in the ad partner to protect your information.
- Generated video on YouTube does not display an email address, or phone you will see a clickable link to the ad Kangalou. To see the details of the announcement YouTube, click the "More" button.
- All listings from Kangalou are indicated as "commercial offer" as the source is Kangalou - a business. Our ads can not appear as ads from a particular. Type "Commercial Offer" refers to the advertiser, not the type of building.
- The link provided by your ad is LesPacs Ad preview mode and can not access the link "contact the seller" and the card. Please do a search to see the final result that will be viewed by visitors.
Social media
- When the package includes a publication on social networks and paid advertising, your listing appears on one of the Best Apartments pages, the largest network of rental units listings on Facebook. The listing is also in sponsored publication on social media (paid advertising) and reaches a qualified audience corresponding to your geolocation criteria.
- Please note that social media publications will be available within 5 business days of purchase. With social media posts, no visualization link is available. We invite you to subscribe to the affiliated, authorized and official pages and accounts Facebook managed by Kangalou teams to view your publication.
NOTE: Make sure you have the description of your ad in English and French so that it also appears in the announcement of the partner site.
Kangalou can not be held responsible for errors or omissions following the first publication of your ad.
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